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C.A.M. Gerlach

Welcome to the UAH AMS/NWA site!

We'd like to welcome all of you to our brand new website, after far too long neglecting the old one. This new site conforms to modern web standards and exhibits the proper layout on popular browsers, and is vastly easier to maintain and update. Furthermore, the site is build using the latest web frameworks, enabling responsive design that dynamically adapts to its window size, and automatically adopts a mobile-friendly layout for easy browsing on the go. All the content is brand-new or throughly updated, and it features a number of new elements with more to come!

This website's repository is now part of the new UAH AMS Github org, and development is hosted there. Its based around the Lektor Python static site generator, which is set up to automatically build and deploy the site on the Travis continuous integration servers whenever new changes are merged, which is then served via Github Pages to a custom domain. The code and infrastructure is all free (libre) and open-source, so don't hesitate to take a look around, use the code for your own projects or even contribute something of your own!

Finally, and perhaps most exciting for you all, we've got a new blog that any member can submit their atmospheric/earth systems science or UAH-related content to, and we'll review and publish it for you! We welcome articles highlighting the latest AMS/NWA, department and atmospheric science-related happenings, showcasing recent research by students and faculty in the department, providing a fresh perspective on science or weather-related topics, describing opportunities for students to get involved, offering a "how-to guide" or tips on a subject of relevance to the community, and more! Whether you're a forecaster looking to share your insights, a researcher wanting to raise awareness of your work, a broadcaster needing to hone your public communication skills or private sector bound and want to put yourself out there as someone who takes initiative, this official blog is the perfect opportunity to do so!

You don't need to know fancy HTML, CSS or Javascript to submit directly to the blog, just simple Markdown and Git/Github; you can even use this post as a template! Just fork the repository, create a new branch and add your post in it (you can just copy this one's directory and make your changes from there), then push your changes to your fork and submit a Github pull request against the main repo, and you're good to go! If even that's too much, feel free to contact the UAH AMS or myself by email or any of the methods below, and we'll be glad to review, edit and post it for you if you send us the text.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!